«VTB-Engineering» produces low-voltage complect units for using in various industries. Our equipment meets the highest quality standards and is used at major objects of the city of Moscow.

Advantages of our low-voltage complect units:

  • Realibility – our company uses high-quality components of foreign and Russian manufactures.
  • Big choice – we supply different for dimensions connection types, installation methods, variants of location and other indicators of low-voltage complect units.
  • Safety – all of the low-voltage complect units are equipped with a design to prevent the arc short circuit and it also have mechanical and electrical interlock.
  • Convenience of installation – the equipment is delivered completely ready for assembly, allowing for easy access to wiring connections and the collecting busbars.
  • Simpleness of use – for comfortable exploitation provided pull-out modules and high quality fasteners.

In the design and manufacturing of the low-voltage complect units, we consider all customer requirements, perform installation and adjustment with full submission. On all equipment the gurantee is provided.

Our company manufactures different types of low-voltage complect units:
Distribution boards ( Distribution boards: 125,250) for currents up to 250 A.
Maim distribution panels for currents up to 6300 A.
Cabinets of automation and control.
Accounting boards.

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