«VTB-Engineering» perfoms a comprehensive approach to the supply of Russian and foreign busbars.

Our company holds:

  • Collection of baseline data;
  • Taking measurements on the object;
  • Create 3D models of bus-conductive lines adapted to adjacent utilities;
  • Delivery of a fully well-functioning system to the customer.

The EAE busbar - high quality and reliability.

The EAE busbar are in demand among specialists in a number of advantages:

  • Does not require special equipment.
  • Due to the modular structure each element of the system is easy to install and remove.
  • The construction can be moved to another location without any difficulty.
  • Modular structure of the EAE busbar and their excellent features allow enterprises quickly and easily perform the relocation of the equipment without interrupting the operation of the object.
«VTB-Engineering» has supplied hundreds of kilometers of busbars, as well as hundreds of fixtures of the brand EAE on various projects- from residential complexes to commercial and business centers.

Russian busbar- supply, installation, adjustment.

The busbars of the Russian manufacture have proven high quality and realibility therefore have been used successfully for installation at various specialists of our company perform equipment selection for specific tasks.

Russian busbar that we supply has all necessary licenses and certificates.

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