Let there be light! Museum

21 june

In the hall number 10 of the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val appeared new lighting. He was illuminated by the Master of Light & nbsp; German Oliver Hoffmeister. Previously, the works of Favorsky, Lisitsky, Ostroumov-Lebedev, and Klutsis, located in the entrance hall, did not penetrate the natural light, and the old lamps significantly distorted the perception. Now visitors to the gallery will look at them in a new - LED light. There are no glare on the works, and they look the same as under natural light.

Oliver Hoffmeister commented on his gift as follows: "The fact is that the lights of different companies and systems give different shades of color, often distorting the artist's intention. In addition, traditional Edison bulbs are not always safe for works of art. In search of a solution to the problem, museum workers equip the halls with lamps with the ability to reduce the luminous flux. But, unfortunately, traditional lamps at the same time change the so-called color temperature - because of this, the perception of works of art is distorted. "

At the presentation Master of Light & nbsp; told about achievements and failures in world practice of museum lighting. In recent years, they have actively used lamps equipped with LED technology with various accessories. With their help you can illuminate the room in different ways.

As Hoffmeister said, the "Rembrandt" light used in the Pushkin Museum is suitable for lighting paintings, but at the same time, it should not be used in a hall with large sculptures. Ideal is daytime scattered light, but in our country it is small, so without a master in the world can not do. Modern technologies help to reduce the luminous flux and, at the same time, optimize energy costs.

Also, the technologies used by photographers are actively used. For example, fixtures are equipped with nozzles, filters and lenses. This makes it possible to turn the lamp into an appliance that can give both a pointed sharp light and a soft scattered light.

Hofmeister said that LED lighting, which today produces fewer firms, is safer than halogen lighting. All lighting equipment installed in the Tretyakov Gallery is safe, does not heat works of art, but at the same time it needs special placement conditions, as well as high-quality ventilation.